We are looking for volunteers to serve on the Audit Committee, Legislative Committee, Nominations Committee, and ByLaws Committee. So if you are interested in serving in one of these capacities, please fill out the form below.

Each committee will require a Chair and Vice-Chair. Non-elected city officials, such as Police Chiefs, Town Managers, Municipal Clerks, or City Administrators may serve on the committees.

The Audit Committee must have a minimum of three members and no more than five according to our bylaws. The President and the Treasurer will not be a part of this committee but must provide any and all information necessary for the committee to complete its work.

The Legislative Committee will be chaired by the President-Elect (Vice President) of ESAM. This committee will work to focus on issues such as local legislation in Annapolis and work to support the legislative priorities of MML.

The Nominating Committee will require municipal representatives from each of the 8 counties that ESAM represents. They will be tasked with presenting a slate of nominees for office for the following year.

The Bylaws Committee will be a standing committee for the 2019-2020 fiscal year and will need to ensure that the existing bylaws are compatible with MML’s Bylaws and reflect the current needs of the organization. The Bylaws will need to be approved by the membership and then forwarded to the MML Board of Directors for their approval.

ESAM Committee Form